Per gli italiani che visitano o vivono alle Hawaii For Italians visiting or living in Hawaii

Il console Onorario d’Italia a Honolulu offre servizi pro-bono, ma limitati, per i cittadini italiani. Lavoriamo sotto la guida del Consolato Generale d’Italia a San Francisco.

Ecco sono alcuni link che forniscono informazioni su alcune domande comuni che riceviamo.

Safe Travel in Hawaii

Marriage in Hawaii

Drivers Licenses

I’m Italian and I Just Moved to Hawaii – What Should I Do?

Passport Services

The Honorary Consulate in Honolulu now has the ability to perform passport biometric services for Italian citizens who are applying for new or renewed passports.   We can scan in  passport photographs, take fingerprints, and authenticate the paperwork that is sent to the Consulate General of Italy in San Francisco for processing.

  • Citizens must be registered in AIRE and FastIT
  • Services are by appointment only
  • Detailed information – click this link

Notary Services and Procura (for Italian citizens only)