Italy’s Best Landmarks for Tourists

Visiting Italy is a vacation like no other, but with the countless destinations and attractions the country has to offer, it can be overwhelming planning just one trip. For a truly memorable trip, there is no shame in visiting the most popular tourist attractions in Italy. They are popular for a reason. Below are some of the country’s most visited landmarks, and why you should visit them too.

The Venice Canals

As many travelers know, a gondola ride through the canals of Venice is perhaps one of the most visually appealing activities you can take part in throughout Italy. The century-old buildings lining the canals add to this unique city’s beauty that has been virtually untouched for hundreds of years. Throughout the heart of the city flows the Grand Canal, which you can navigate with friends or family for a very affordable price.  The best time of year to go to Venice is in early fall–September or October are both wonderful months, and there are fewer tourists in Venice during those months.

Amalfi Coast

Another location popularized by its sheer beauty, the Amalfi Coast runs along the Sorrentine Peninsula, hosting cliffside homes and towns in an array of eclectic colors. Spend a day in the sun enjoying the local restaurants and shops, admiring the sights that come with this historic landmark. Hotels in the area will not break the bank either.

Vatican City

No matter what religion you are if any, visiting the world famous Vatican City in Rome is something not to be missed. Aside from housing the pope, this location has some of the world’s most exquisite art collections. Paintings by Michelangelo and other famous Italian artists can be found throughout. The architecture alone is another example of remarkable art. St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Square have truly breathtaking buildings and temples that have stood the test of time.

Cinque Terre (Five Lands)

A string of five villages along the Italian Riviera coast, the Cinque Terre are almost impossibly beautiful. If you love to hike, drink great wine, and see magnificent views, you should try to visit this UNESCO site. Cinque Terre is not too far from Florence, so if you have a couple of extra days for travel, you should plan a trip to this lovely part of Italy.

The Colosseum

One of the oldest constructs standing today, the Colosseum is a must-see for anyone visiting Rome, or Italy entirely. It is the largest amphitheater ever built by the Roman Empire, and is sure to impress any history buff. Its size allows for large groups of visitors to enjoy tours throughout, and puts you right into the footsteps of Roman history.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Though considered a very cliche landmark by all, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is surely a sight to be seen. Despite its current positioning, visitors are able to take a journey inside and climb to the tower’s top floor for a breathtaking view of the city. Pisa itself is not a city to be overlooked. There are a number of museums, churches, and other historical landmarks to see.

Lake Como

A short distance away from the city of Milan, Lake Como is a gorgeous destination for those who appreciate the wonders of nature. Towns surround the massive body of water, where you spend a day dining and shopping while taking in all that the scenic location has to offer. Typically more popular in the summer, a vacation here around the months of October to November often yield the most enjoyable experiences, with the climate generally hovering around comfortable. For a comprehensive to-do list on Lake Como, check out the New York Times piece detailing a 36-hour trip and what you can do throughout.


Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, is a charming medieval city in the Veneto region of Italy. Every summer, the Verona Arena–a 1st century Roman amphitheater hosts a series of theatrical and opera performances. If you love opera, you cannot miss seeing at least one open-air performance in this incredible arena. For a 2017 schedule of performances, see the official website for the Arena of Verona:

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